Transfer from the Château de la Grange - Bleneau to Paris airports

 The Château de la Grange- Bleneau is a building dating from the fourteenth siècle.Il is located on the Common Courpalay of Seine-et- Marne. It is mainly a strong house registered as a historical monument since 1942. The castle is not, however, a visitable site.


Description of the Château de la Grange - Bleneau

Iconographic documents dated 1363 described the castle as a property measuring 35/24m and consists of five rounds. The enclosure includes the castle, a farm, a home gardener and for the gamekeeper. The Castle and farm dating from the thirteenth century and the rest dates from the eighteenth century. In addition to its five towers, the castle has an entrance flanked by two turrets . This entry was housed in a drawbridge spanning the moat arrow , and a chapel. The Château de la Grange- Bleneau is now a private property belonging to the Foundation - Josée and René de Chambrun . It is listed as a historical monument. However , as rich in history is there , it is not publicly available.


History of the Château de la Grange - Bleneau

Basically, the Castle has been called a lordship which reported directly to the king to Melun. The castle is named after its original owner , Ancel de la Grange . Then, during the unrest minority of Louis XVIII , the Prince de Conde in his company appropriates the field . From 1802 to 1834 , General Lafayette lived after the death of his wife Adriennes de Noailles . On 15 April 1942, the castle and farm are subject to registration as historical monuments of France . In 1955, the descendants of Lafayette off the Castle René de Cham Pineton . To date , the building remains a privately owned and not open to just remain a monument which is part of French history.

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Transfer from the Château de la Grange - Bleneau to Paris airports

The Château de la Grange- Bleneau is located 64 km from Paris . This destination is 70.2 miles from Orly Airport 67.9 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 144 km from Paris Beauvais airport .

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