Transfer from the Château de la Grange -le- Roy to the Paris airports

The Château de la Grange -le- Roy is a monument not accessible to the public. It was , at the time, an old manor . The house has undergone tremendous development since the time has changed its appearance.



Description of the Château de la Grange -le- Roy

This former manor consists of a castle and a farm on the edge of woods. The Château de la Grange -le- Roy is an old medieval castle built at the edge of a lake. Unlike many castles, it is not adorned with one or more towers or doves . Indeed, at one time, the Château de la Grange -le- Roy has undergone significant restoration and several aspects of its appearance were razed .

Today , spread to the lake , the house becomes a major tourist site in Seine-et- Marne. However, the property does not mean visited. His visit is strictly limited to study topics in French history or another. In all cases , the Castle has long been listed as a historical monument of France .



History of the Château de la Grange -le- Roy

Castle took its final name of Château de la Grange -le- Roy when Jacques Roy became owner . The latter are built of course , galleries and a host of pavilions. From 1608, the property has been the subject of several sales. The first recipient was Francis Roy . At the time , therefore , the castle remained in the same family. But time passes and buyers change , etc. . In 1813 , the castle of Grange -le- Roy ends up in the hands of Armand de la Grange. This last idea was to destroy most of the castle and give it another look at its leisure. Today the castle is a national heritage. Therefore , no further changes are allowed . Only restorations in order to reset the state are granted by the French State. Also rich in history, this castle is not open to the general public.

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Transfer from the Château de la Grange -le- Roy to the Paris airports

The Château de la Grange -le- Roy is located 44.5 km from Paris . This destination is 50.7 miles from Orly Airport 48.3 km from Charles -de- Gaulle Airport and 125 km from Paris Beauvais airport .

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