Transfer from the Château de Villiers -les- Mallets to Paris airports


The Château de Villiers -les- Mallets is a fortress located in the city of St. Bartholomew and the Seine- et-Marne. It was built on the site of an ancient castle .


Description  of Château de Villiers -les- Mallets

The Château de Villiers -les- Mallets is a building built according to plans by architect Firmin Perlin (1747-1783) in 1775. At that time, the stronghold was in possession of Daguin Villette since the year 1760 and this is my lord who gave the order to build the castle . The castle consists of three farms , parks and woods. It adopts a Louis XVI style architecture . The style of the main building varies from neoclassicism of the time. One of the towers of the old feudal castle there still remains. The castle stands in a beautiful façade with circular pediment , a chapel, a pond and the former flag of Brie architecture hunting .



History of the Château de Villiers -les- Mallets

The construction of the Château de Villiers -les- Mallets dates back to the year 1775 under the decision of Sir Daguin Villette . After the latter's death in 1803 , the castle was in the possession of various successors. The best known include:

Elisabeth Olympus Armande -Louise- Félicité du Vigier , marquise Flamarens (1752-1835)
Elisabeth Caroline Barnet (1801-1865)
Alix Mastin (1825-1891)
Bessot Count Etienne de Lamothe (1845-1939)


The Château de Villiers -les- Mallets remained in the family until 1995 , when the Lawrence family , architects from four generations , becomes the owner .


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Transfer from the Château de Villiers -les- Mallets to Paris airports

The Château de Villiers -les- Mallets is located 93.4 km from Paris . This destination is 99.6 miles from Orly Airport 84.6 km from Charles -de- Gaulle Airport and 173 km from Paris Beauvais airport .

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