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 Present in more than three kilometers all along the Seine, the booksellers display their merchandise on the Right Bank of the Pont Marie to the Quai du Louvre and on the Left Bank, the Quai de la Tournelle the Quai Voltaire. True supermarket books open, these merchants of literature invaded these places for hundreds of years. Currently, the number of about 240 booksellers, the place offers more than 300,000 former literary bibliophiles. The sixteenth century saw the emergence of the book dealers in Paris. At first, they carried their goods in wooden boxes or wicker equipped with a strap they put around the neck and offered to passers-by strolling along the Seine. Some, for every effort, displayed their books on wooden trestles or land on a canvas.
Seeing the success of these itinerant booksellers, other merchants came to strengthen the ranks and began to install their achalandages around the Seine. But neither the authorities nor the professional booksellers did not see favorably the proliferation of informal vendors, first because they do not pay taxes and the latter to protect their trade. In addition, at the time when most writings were banned, the products sold by these merchants were virtually uncontrollable by the royal powers. And this "freedom" of action is allowed these street booksellers encouraged more lovers of rare books dating place.
For nearly three centuries, the authorities sought every means to clean up the place trying to move the market. But also on their side, the number of booksellers continued to increase and the contents of their stall were such that the place soon became an attraction with an influx of visitors from all sides, finally, the authorities were reluctant to intervene to oppress. Nevertheless, people of power found a way to formalize the activity by asking them to pay an annual fee, standardizing boxes, lining the stalls along the Seine and assigning a fixed location for a merchant.
Hunted, hounded, threatened with eviction by the various authorities who succeeded, the booksellers have really been accepted at the beginning of the twentieth century, but the outbreak of World War situations and did not facilitate the activities of booksellers. They numbered 200 in 1900. But the two wars and passed merchants survived somehow continuing their work willy-nilly. Regulations changed over the years and booksellers finally have the right to leave their stalls on the premises at night.
Being almost part of the legend of Paris, the booksellers were listed as World Heritage by UNESCO since 1991. In fact, finally recognizing the attraction offered by these booksellers tourists lovers of old books, the French authorities finally by encouraging this influx by organizing cultural attractions or other events of interest to visitors. Open at 11 am for several days of the week, booksellers offer more than 300,000 ancient books that are not found in bookstores. One can also find all kinds of antiques such as antique, stamps or prints. The profession of bookseller requires a minimum of knowledge in literature and most merchants who are present have succeeded from father to son.
The transfer to booksellers, librarians traveling to Paris
The Bouquinistes the dock of the Seine are located 15.5 kilometers from Orly Airport, 32.4 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 91.2 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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