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History and visit the store Fauchon in Paris
 Located in the 8th arrondissement, Place de la Madeleine, the Fauchon store offers all kinds of delis products to its customers. Its founder, Auguste Fauchon, a native of Calvados came to Paris in 1885 and started selling fruit and vegetables from his hometown in a car. Seeing that the product pleased to buyers in 1886, he opened the place now known delicatessen shop in which he proposed the freshest produce from all over France, such as meats, poultry, cheeses, wines, biscuits, etc. His business still attracted more customers than ten years later, it expanded its range of goods by engaging in the bakery. Stitches in, it became a benchmark for high-end products and includes the best wines and spirits, coffees and teas in his trade. Fauchon eventually cross the border of France and Auguste Fauchon launched into export quality products selected by him.
On the death of Auguste Fauchon in 1939, these children taught to yield Pilosoff Joseph, founder of Poulain chocolate. This extended even more famous Fauchon working with Air France. He dared to engage in the marketing of flavored teas and Japan conquered the Japanese customer was in 1960. Twelve years later, he opened the first store bearing the sign Fauchon in Japan, Tokyo. Pilosoff Joseph died in 1981 and her daughter found herself at the head of the Directorate of Fauchon. But she died four years later in a fire inside the store, and his daughter Martine and her husband Philippe Prémat inherited the empire. But they, unlike their predecessors, were unable to develop the business. They wanted to trivialize the brand by spreading the products in Carrefour and Auchan supermarkets, which made plummet turnover instead of increasing them. They also tried to open Fauchon stores in other countries without preliminary market study and lost millions of euros in revenue and up debt.
It was not until 1998 when Laurent Adamowicz bought the company for Martine Prémat the Fauchon brand is repositioning itself as the benchmark for luxury goods. Indeed, Laurent Adamowicz stimulus Fame Fauchon gourmet products by eliminating the retail and hiring great Pastry Chefs. Today, the company is led by Michel Ducros and continues to expand by opening the world. Currently, Fauchon products are sold through fifty shops in France, a hundred in Europe, ten in Africa, ten in South America and sixty Asia. True symbol of French gastronomy, Fauchon products are recognizable by its black and fuchsia colors.
Fauchon products ranges are as wide as refined. Sweets, chocolates, candied chestnuts, candied fruit, caramels to nibble with delight. Pastry products such as macaroons, cookies, muffins and lightning are real pleasure for the eyes and the palate. Salted products such as truffles, terrines, foie gras, chutney, mustard, etc. satisfy the most discerning palate. Wines and spirits sold under label Fauchon will satisfy fans. Fauchon also include articles coffees and teas carefully selected. In addition, shops regularly offer gift packaging for the holidays, such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, the feast of Valentine's Day, Christmas, New Year or Halloween.
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Fauchon store is located 23.8 kilometers from Orly Airport, 28.3 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 85.5 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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