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History and visit the store in Paris Hédiard
Ferdinand Hediard begins its journey at the age of 13 years, with the Companions of Duty carpentry. During his travels, he sees the goods overseas land on the wharfs of France. His interest in food is such that it completely changes vocation and began to buy and sell. So with his cart full of exotic fruits and vegetables, he moved to Paris, Place des Victoires. Parisians intrigued by these colorful fruits, delicious and varied flock to taste and buy. With this success, Ferdinand Hediard opened his first grocery store in 1854, rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, which he calls "counter spices and settlements." Its products appeal so he decided to get closer to the customer by moving in 1880, Place de La Madeleine, in the place of the current store. And it grows even eccentricity to dress holding its vendors Caribbean.
Ferdinand Hediard died in 1898 and his daughter Blanche Marie and her husband Max Kusel take the reins of the company. Max Kusel continuous expansion of Hédiard bringing home new products. It is the discovery of fruit jellies manufactured in Brazil and there is an opportunity to expand the range of products Hédiard. He works on these tropical fruits and fruit pastes present, jams and chutneys Hédiard who find success with Parisian gourmets and to stem its customers high Arabs and other Eastern countries. It also puts on the Paris market Creole punch bottled and labeled under the label Hédiard.
In 1935, the death of Max, his children, John and Germaine Kusel take the direction of the Company. True to tradition, they pursue business development seeking new products. Thus, Germaine Kusel this candied fruits and fruit syrups in the store, all the derivatives of products that can be conquered with fruits rich clients. Germaine also offers the "basket Hédiard" composed of selected articles to offer, this concept is called nowadays "gift boxes" attracts new customers and enhances the reputation of the house Hédiard luxury gastronomy.
From 1960 Hédiard closer to its customers by opening shops sale throughout France. Ten years later, he attacked the international customers and opens branches in several countries and East Africa, such as Japan, Singapore, Dubai, etc. Europe is no exception since the company moved to Barcelona, Monaco. In all, forty Hédiard has branches scattered throughout the world and is represented by some 200 shops in 30 countries.
Sold in 2007 to Russian businessman Sergei Pugachev, now groping with the onset of the economic crisis and the leadership succession for 4 years. In 2011, Jean Paul Barat, Director of Operations, takes things in hand and decides the complete renovation of the mother Hediard boutique, place de la Madeleine from January 2013, which will last several months.
However, other retail stores remain open and you can find the panels Hédiard luxury goods such as chocolates, honey, jams, candied fruits, cakes and also foie gras, terrines, mustards, etc. You can buy products cellar, teas and quality coffees. Gift boxes are the ultimate luxury offered by Hédiard home.
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Hédiard The store is located 23.9 km from Orly Airport, 26.1 miles from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 84.9 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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