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History and visit Rue Mouffetard in Paris
Located in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, Rue Mouffetard is one of the oldest streets listed in the capital. Approximately 650 meters long, it goes from the street to Thouin Pascal and Censier street and connects the mountain Sainte Genevieve at Saint Médard a gentle slope. It has existed since Roman times, but it was only in the 13th century it bears the name of Mount Cétard, distorted Mont-raver, origin of the name Mouffetard. Cradle of several historical monuments of Paris, as Saint-Médard church or cemetery behind the church itself or the Fountain of Pot-de-Fer, Rue Mouffetard is a tourist visit during trips to Paris.
Another version of the story also says that the name comes from the word Mouffetard "moffettes" which describes the stench industries tanneries near the river Bièvre. It is true that until the mid-19th century, the Rue Mouffetard was twice its current length, and she crossed that river and climbed up to the present Place d'Italie. But the work of Baron Haussmann urbanization at the time have shortened.
Rue Mouffetard has always been known as a commercial street, bringing together all kinds of trade and all kinds of nationalities. Tourists, residents or residents come together and mix it ends up no longer distinguish. Indeed, with its merchants of fruit and vegetables tropical countries, cheeses, meats, casseroles, etc., Rue Mouffetard offers quality products at great prices.
The place is always busy day and night. In the morning, grocers display their wares and offer customers fresh produce in abundance. But we do not find that food, Rue Mouffetard houses boutiques and footwear, fashion accessories shops, stalls of souvenirs and gadgets, shoppers will spend hours rummaging through the shelves. And in the evening, cafes, bars, restaurants welcome workers, students, tired of their day and want to take a break in a friendly atmosphere. The bar-dancing, pubs offer a pleasant entertainment for night owls.
Rue Mouffetard houses bakeries, cheese shops, chocolate shops and confectionery shops and fish stalls of local produce, the general food stores and wine shops and liquor. It also has its fashionable shops, restaurants, snack bars. Among the most popular include the Gelati d'Alberto, who is an artisan glacier. The ice cream is made on site with seasonal fruit and a decorative flower-shaped presentation. There is also the Chido serving real Mexican tacos and burritos Mexican way. Local products southwest of Pierre Champion are real treats for connoisseurs, foie gras, foams liver, breasts have been prepared in the traditional way. Lae store Appointment of Nature offers organic and dietetic products, the surface is quite large and there are all kinds of general supplies and cleaning products.
The church of Saint-Médard is also an attraction for tourists. To the eighteenth century, the cult members, admirers of Jansenist Francis died in 1727 and buried in the cemetery of the church, reported having visions through convulsions, hence their name, the Holy convulsionaries Medard. Fearing they would undermine public order, King Louis XV decided to prohibit access to the cemetery by a sign saying "By the King, defending God to do a miracle in this place."
Transfer to the rue Mouffetard in Paris
Rue Mouffetard is located 14.3 kilometers from Orly Airport, 32.2 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport and 101 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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