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History and prestige Flo visit to Paris
The story of Flo or Flo Prestige Group began in 1968 when John Paul Bucher bought the brewery Flo. It is such a popular restaurant that before this success, it opens up other breweries in other neighborhoods and other cities and creates the institutional Breweries Group. Dishes that are served appeal to customers, but they need to be able to take home and enjoy.
In 1980, the owner of Groupe Flo Flo Boutique created the first prestige, marketing of high-end meals to go, in the Avenue de la Grande Armée. Applications are as Jean Paul Bucher continues to develop its business by creating a large network of home restoration with shops Flo prestige is scattered throughout France. From 1980 until September 2013, was part of the prestigious Flo Flo Group, which includes about 300 restaurants scattered throughout Europe, Asia, the North African country. Among these are the restaurants famous restaurant chains: grill Hyppopotamus the Tablapizza, Brasseries Flo, the Bistro Romain, Concessions and Flo Taverne de Maître Kanter representing some 25 million customers.
The dishes are prepared by Flo prestige by chefs and high-level references are true French cuisine. Receptions are no longer a social constraint or synonym of an astronomical work spent in the kitchen with the fear of missing the dishes. It is no longer necessary to be an outstanding leader to invite friends, colleagues, acquaintances at home. Flo Boutique prestige you prepare your dishes, and books at home. The store offers several different cocktails for a minimum of 10 formulas, depending on your budget. It will also prepares gourmet buffets for 10 to 15 fifteen delicious dishes for a reasonable cost. Flo prestige also preparing coffee breaks for corporate meetings with hot drinks, fruit juices and mini homemade pastries. Sofas and biscuits are delicious cooked by professional pastry chefs.
Flo prestige, receive becomes a moment of pleasure. Amaze your guests on your order dishes with Flo prestige, the store will provide you with upscale dishes and customized according to the theme you have chosen decorations. Flo prestige, it is a permanent service that will allow you to develop the most prestigious receptions without the stress of preparation. Flo prestige shop has a customer service from which you can entrust your project. Whether it's a simple invitation to family members or conventional business dinners or large parties also within a company, customer advisors will help you to organize all the animation if necessary.
Since September 2013, the sign of prestige Flo was acquired by Fauchon. Confirming its reputation marketing of refined high-end products, Fauchon associate Flo brand prestige products it offers its wealthy clientele. The union of deli and upscale dishes in one shop can only satisfy lovers of Parisian gastronomy, more prestige Flo will benefit from the distribution of Fauchon worldwide.
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Flo prestige shop is located 15.7 kilometers from Orly Airport, 26.7 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 95.6 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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