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History and activities Arfortville
The city is a destination Alfortville whose history dates back to the Gallo-Roman period. According to a legend, it appears that a votive column dedicated to Mercury or Jupiter was on this territory more precisely near the confluence of the Seine and Marne. However, this site has long since disappeared is to say to the sixteenth century. At the time of the manor, the city was known by its three strongholds that were under the domination of the village houses, including: The Defoy, the Marais and Saint-Pierre. But the houses were still land characterized by a small people because she was still a swamp and scrub. It is therefore only around 1863, after the construction of the Port of English that the number of people moving in this area. All sectors are indeed considerable space to such Alfortville the implementation of the gas station which is the largest and most modern complex Chinagora France or internationally oriented.

Tourism and visits Arfortville
To tourists lovers of discovery and adventure, attractions and historical monuments do not lack in the town of Alford. Religious buildings are characterized by remarkable architecture dating from previous centuries. Each church has its own interior. Churches and Alfortville include: The Church of Notre Dame, The Church of St. Peter the Apostle Church and Armenian Apostolic Holy Saint Bredos Bochos. Besides these religious monuments, you can also walk on the Harbour Bridge to English, a site of architectural interest. Do not hesitate to discover the Tomb of the Free Thinker, built for the opening of the cemetery on May 1, 1888.
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Transfers from Paris airports to Arfortville
The nearest towns are Alfortville Maisons-Alfort is only 1 km and 10 km to Paris. Its distance from the Charles de Gaulle Airport is 25.7 km to Orly Airport is 9.3 km and Beauvais Airport is 76.6 km

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