Transfers from Antony to Orly airport

History and activities Antony
The city has a history of Antony loaded. Its name came from the third century. It was in the Gallo-Roman name was created. As the field was in the hands of a Roman named Antonius, he gave his name to the city. But the first written mention of the name took place as to the 9th century and, in its Latin form "Antoniacum ipsa cum capella. The destination field was much destruction during the Hundred Years War. Indeed, the parish was completely ravaged, pillaged, and the inhabitants were killed. It survived more than a hundred people to Antony. The main activities in the area of ​​Antony were in the seventeenth century farming grassland, cereal crops and vines. In the seventeenth century came the quarrying of gypsum to produce plaster. The Royal Manufacturers of wax takes place also in the eighteenth which favored the use of many living in the region. In 1854, a great change took place in the city of Antony. The location of the railway on the territory was a major hub of the city. Changes in trade is especially market expansion was observed.


Tourism and visits Antony
Antony has many tourist and historical sites. Various protected buildings invade this destination. The most important concern the Church, La Folie is an old building, La Maison de la Belle Levantine eighteenth century without forgetting the Royal Factory of wax which is a food factory of the eighteenth century. You also have the chance to spend in the parks owned by the city of Antony. This green space is: the Parc de Sceaux, Heller Park, the park and the park Sibille Raymond Bourdeau.
Your trip in the city of Antony is very important because you want to discover many wonders. Also, to lead you from the Paris airports to the city, a taxi will surely be very expensive. We thus propose a solution transfer service. We take into account all trips in the city of Antony as well as to various airports like Orly, Beauvais or Charles de Gaulle. You must make a reservation in advance to choose between collective shuttle, private car and luxury car VIP.

Paris airports transfers from Antony
8 km Antony is Vitry sur Seine and Paris is 13km. The distances between Antony and Charles de Gaulle Airport is 34.3 km, Orly airport is 5.6 km from Beauvais Airport is 79.2 km.
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