Transfers from Aubervilliers to Orly airport

History and activities in Aubervilliers
The city name comes from the Latin Auberti Villare Villare which means rural area or farm. Aubervilliers name was mentioned for the first time in the literature in 1060, specifically in the deed of gift of Henry I the priory of Saint-Martin-des-Champs in Paris. In the twelfth century, this destination was under the rule of the parish of Saint-Denis. To 1336, the city has become as important by the Saint-Christophe, who became a place of pilgrimage. At the time of the Hundred Years War, Aubervilliers was ravaged several times. At the revolution, the region has experienced strong evolution as impoundment of the Canal Saint-Denis. Factories settled in this city, with the chemical industries which have created major problems in Aubervilliers. In 1925 as the development of communication channels, as well as many homes.

Tourism and visits to Aubervilliers
The Notre Dames des Vertus is a historical and religious monument overlooking the town of Aubervilliers. This building was built in the fifteenth century on a rectangular plan and type hall. The vault of the nave is decorated with a key representing the Virgin. Its bell tower was erected in 1541 by Francis. The Church was registered July 17, 1908. Apart from this religious building in Aubervilliers also offers the advantage of discovering the old match factory which is now the seat of the French documentation. It was founded in the first quarter of the twentieth century and entered the protected buildings April 7, 2005. For water lovers, you have the chance to discover the Olympic Swimming Stadium in the city.
To ensure a tourist trip around Aubervilliers, we offer three options for car best suited to your needs. If you have just landed at Orly Airport, we will ensure your transfer from the destination to the city of Aubervilliers. It is the same for the transfer from Aubervilliers after your visit to the city to Orly Airport. Many other circuits are provided by our car comfort. Simply make a reservation to define your path and choose from the following vehicles: private cars, shuttle collective, and VIP luxury vehicle.

Paris airports transfers from Aubervilliers
The city of Aubervilliers is 3 km from Saint-Denis and 6 km from Paris. It is 16.7 km from CDG Airport to 20.8 km from Orly Airport and 63.6 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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