Transfer from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Bagnolet

History and activities in Bagnolet
The name of the town of Bagnolet probably comes from the Latin balneoletum. This term implies the existence of baths or sources in this region. The first written reference to the town date back to the eleventh century. This statement was written in the abbey of Saint-Denis and Saint-Maur. Around the year 1427, the city was a battle field especially during the Hundred Years War. However, Isabeau of Bavaria installs the Duke of Bedford in this destination. In the sixteenth century, Cardinal du Perron happening in the city of Bagnolet to stay. It was not until the nineteenth century that the city enters the world of industry. It should be noted that these are cottage industries that are present in the region. Large companies do not engage in activities in Bagnolet as this is a difficult area to access. This suburb is known for its red conservatism immigrants who settled mostly workers expelled from Paris.

Tourism and visits to Bagnolet
In the town of Bagnolet, you can explore various tourist sites privileged past. The Château de Bagnolet is for example a building built in the twelfth century. However, only ruins remain there. Besides this monument, the Château de l'Etang is also seen. For those who are history buffs, a visit to the Church of Saint-Leu-Saint-Gilles is ideal to know the past of the city and all the collections which it retains. Visit the Parc Jean-Moulin also helps you to admire the monumental sculpture Ipoustéguy.
If you want to discover the city of Bagnolet before leaving for the airport of Beauvais, we can help you by offering transfer services between the two destinations and tourist attractions which interest you. The distance between these two points is 69 km. If you place an advance booking, you will receive a collective shuttle will bring you safely to the airport of Beauvais. You can also learn about the different transport options available to customers. It is quite possible that you are interested in other offers.

Airport transfer from Paris Bagnolet
Bagnolet is located 2 km from Montreuil and 6 km from Paris. This destination is located 18.9 km from CDG airport, 16.3 km from Orly Airport and 69 km from Beauvais Airport

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