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History and activities in the city of Brunoy
The name of the city comes from the Celtic name Brunoy Brennadum country which means chief or country sources. The history of the city begins at Brunoy the Paleolithic era. Researchers attest to the discovery of the remains of the Middle Paleolithic and Neolithic. The city is also home to Merovingian sarcophagi. At the time of the Middle Ages, it was the Lords as well as the Brunayo Lannoy who have succeeded in this destination. At the revolution, the castle of the city was destroyed. From the nineteenth century, the area is characterized by the construction of various buildings and restorations of existing homes.

Tourism and visits Brunoy
Religious buildings mark the historical monuments of the city. Most notable is the Church of Saint-Médard. It has been classified by the year 1981. It is built in the XII on the site of a Merovingian chapel. The tower of bells and the northern part of the nave date from the sixteenth century. In addition to this marvel, you have the advantage to discover the Menhir called "The Stone frit" prehistoric. It is part of a group of three megaliths on the left bank of the Yerres. A small portion of the Obelisk Brunoy is also feasible. This pyramid was Brunoy go hunting King Louis XVI.
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Transfer from the Paris airports to Brunoy
City Brunoy is 2 km from Yerres and 23 km from Paris. Compared to the airports, it is located 35.2 km from CDG Airport, 11 km from Orly Airport and 88.9 km from the airport of Beauvais.


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