Transfer and visit to Saint-Michel Fountain in Paris

History of the Saint Michel Fountain
The Saint-Michel fountain is opposite the Pont Saint-Michel, at the intersection of Boulevard Saint-Michel and one street down to the Place Saint-Andre-des-Arts. The Saint-Michel fountain is 26 meters high by 15 wide. Its base gate 4 Corinthian columns sticking a large bosses niche containing the statue of St. Michael, sword in hand, slaying the devil fell on a rock.
One can notice beautiful entablature presented above the niche, with jumps in extension columns and a carved frieze has it. Each base has a small projections which stand statues of the four cardinal virtues which are Strength, Justice, Prudence, and Temperance. They come in an attic decorated on its sides with the insignia of the religious order of Saint-Michel. And finally, over this attic, there is a great cartridge, placed between two pilasters fancy framed by two coils horns of Ammon, and topped with a rich rounded pediment: above all this, Weapons of the Empire, the foot of which we see figures in the round representing seated and holding hands the power and moderation. Cartridge is embedded in the following below:

"Saint-Michel Fountain. Under the reign of Napoleon III, Emperor of the French, this monument was erected by the city of Paris. Year MDCCCLX "
Part fountain itself is made of a heavy stream of water flowing from the rock, filled a bowl antique, and overflows into two basins of mid circular shape placed one above the other, and then in a third of quadrangular shape, and then in a last tank semicircular almost at ground level. Adjusting both sides of this basin there oblong pedestal bearing an impressive apocalyptic griffin.
This fountain is the largest of Paris, was created in a Renaissance style flowers. Materials are at the height of the work: the independent statues are made of bronze. Columns are red Languedoc marble and their bases and capitals are of white marble veined. The rest of the stone fountain of Saint-Yllie.

Transfer to the Saint Michel fountain
The fountain of Saint Michel is located in the Latin Quarter, with its distance from Orly airport is 16 km, 30 km from the airport Charles de Gaulle and the distance from Beauvais Airport is at 83 km.

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