Transfer from Bussy-Saint-Georges to Paris CDG Airport

History and activity in the city of Bussy-Saint-Georges
The city name comes from the Latin meaning Boscus group of trees. Between the eleventh century and twelfth century. Two cities were combined into a lordship, including: Bussy-Saint-Georges Bussy-Saint-Martin. Lords that have marked the city were Pomponne of Bellievre Prondre and family. The era of the Middle Ages began to end the Second Empire. From the Second Empire, the city focused on livestock. But this activity is added by the opening of European restaurants in the region and especially in the townhouse. Around the year 1970, the town of Bussy-Saint-Georges is included in the new town of Marne-la-Vallée.

Tourism and visits to Bussy-Saint-Georges
In the town of Bussy-Saint-Georges, tourist areas do not lack. You have the chance to discover all the available historical monuments in the region. Domaine du Château Génitoy is a farm built in the seventeenth century. The Castle consists of a main building flanked by two pavilions. Besides the castle, tourists also enjoy the pigeon tower of the fourteenth century. It was redesigned between the seventeenth century and the eighteenth century. The tower and the castle are also wonders of the city. The tower is about 21 meters high and 9 meters in diameter.
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Transfer from Bussy-Saint-Georges to Paris airports
The town of Bussy-Saint-Georges is only 4km from Torcy and 27 km from Paris. Compared to the airports, the city is 21.9 km from CDG Airport and 28 km from Orly airport.

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