Transfer from Cergy Pontoise to Paris Airport

History and activities in Cergy
The name of the city comes probably from Latin anthroponym Sergia. Based on discoveries made in the city, it is possible that human occupation in the destination back to the Paleolithic. Traces and vestiges attest therefore the presence of three thousand pieces of equipment that territory. In the twelfth century, the town became a royal domain was then given to the abbey of Saint-Denis. On the core activities of the inhabitants of this destination, they forged on the cultivation of vines. It was an important economic activity until the nineteenth century. After this date, a new town Cergy characterized and is based on a new development.

Tourism and visits to Cergy
In the city of Cergy, monuments are very varied. It is also for this reason that your trip tourism in the region will be unforgettable. You can actually visit the Menhir said Stone-Fouret, it was registered in 1889. The old church is also available for a visit, it is built around the sixteenth century. The Church of Saint-Christophe twelfth century is itself very important, not only for its unique interior but also for its fortified gate.
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Transfer from Cergy to Paris airports
The city of Cergy is located 17 km from Argenteuil and 27 km from Paris. It is located 35.7 km from the airport Charles de Gaulle.

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