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History and activities Châtillon
The name of the town of Châtillon involves a fortified farm of the Middle Ages called grilse in langue d'oc. The first mention of the name of the town dates back to the year 1192 when a designation of some rural homes at the intersection of two roads. Châtillon became a parish just to the fifteenth century after the construction of a church dedicated to Saint-Jacques and Saint-Philippe. During the wars of religion, the home was completely ruined. He was transferred into the hands of the Abbey of Saint-Germain in 1597. Between the seventeenth century and eighteenth century, the city was characterized by residences carried out by wealthy Parisians. At this time also opened in the city craft activities such as sand, gypsum, limestone, and especially the evolution of society excessive extraction of stone, ceramic and foundry. But the war of 1870 devastated the city and the church was partially destroyed. The city takes in the twentieth century.

Tourism and visits at Châtillon
Places to see are numerous in the town of Châtillon. You have the advantage of being a wonder to another to admire the historical and tourist destination this. The Church of Saint Philip and Saint-Jacques is a religious building founded between the thirteenth century and fourteenth century. It is a remarkable monument with its interior architecture and its mixed. Tower Biret is also an important site planning. It dominates Châtillon. Ideal other sites to see include: stone mill, Winch career Auboin and the Church of Our Lady of Calvary. Visiting the parks is also feasible to Châtillons, essentials are: Park and Entangling Roots of Madness Desmarès.
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Transfers from the town of Chatillon to Paris airports
The town of Chatillon is located 2 km from Bagneux and 8 km from Paris. It is located 16km from Orly airport.

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