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History and activities in Chelles
The name of the city comes from the Latin cala precisely which means tree felled, cleared place or stony. The oldest name of the city was therefore Caliensis or Kala. The history of this destination since prehistoric times. Discoveries have documented that human occupation in the region has a ford is present on the Marne. It facilitated hunting at this time. The Gallic period also marked the city especially in the border areas and Meldi Parisii. A Merovingian palace fifth century was also discovered during archaeological excavations. The revolution brought a major development in the city. In fact, the buildings were sold to become housing or in a limestone quarry. In the nineteenth century, the railroad was established in the city. It is the same for agricultural activities.

Tourism and visits to Chelles
Historical monuments as well as the tourist attractions are varied in the town of Chelles, you have the advantage of the visit and stop at each wonder. You can discover the Municipal Museum Alfred Bonno created in 1950. It contains archaeological collections and documents of the Abbey of Chelles. Burials, the royal relics and medieval fabrics are also present. Remnants of the monument called Chilperic are also seen in the region. For history buffs, the former royal abbey opens for tours. The building is founded in the twelfth century.

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Transfer from Chelles to Paris airports
The town of Chelles is 4 km from Noisy-le-Grand and 19 km from Paris. This region is located 15.2 km from Charles de Gaulle airport, 24 km from Orly Airport and 72.9 km from the airport of Beauvais.


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