Shared transfer from Clichy to Parisian airports

History and activities in Clichy
City Clichy extended to the gates of the Louvre and to the limits of the forest Rouvray Boulogne-sur-Seine. At that time it was known as the palacio Clippiaco. The age of feudalism starts 625. Traces of the royal palace Clippacium were discovered. Also, this destination was known as a place of residence of kings Méronvingiens. She later became a hunting royal. The royal palace was destroyed in 885 Clicy by the Normans. At the time of the manor, wine was the main activity of the city. The latter was to supply wine for masses in the abbey of Saint-Denis which it depends.

Tourism and visits to Clichy
Cultural heritage of the city attracts many tourists. The most notable are the Vendôme pavilion is built in the late seventeenth century. Beaujon Hospital is also an ideal destination to visit. It was built by the architect Jean Walter. This is a great architectural innovation. A small passage in the House of Peoples is also feasible. This is a house with a modern architecture. The most important religious building in the city is the Church of Saint-Médard. This was recorded September 26, 1969.
Visitors to the town of Clichy have the privilege of traveling in cars comfortable and well equipped with modern facilities. Also, we offer them three types of car according to their needs, including: VIP luxury car, private vehicle and shuttle collective. Thus, to explore the city, just make a reservation in our name and specify the destinations to see. We also offer to take you back to the airports.

Transfer from Clichy to the Paris airports
City Clichy is located 2 km from Asnières-sur-Seine and 5 km from Paris. Its distance from Orly Airport is 12.3 km. It is located 21.6 km from Charles de Gaulle airport.


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