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History and activities in Combs-la-Ville
The name of Combs-la-Ville comes from the Indo-European cumbis. This name refers to a recessed relief, a valley or a meander trough. The second part of the name comes respectively from the Latin "villa" meaning field. Around the year 815, Combs lands were under the domination of the Saint Vincent de Paris. The description in the entire city Combs is in a document of 262 pages preserved at the National Library. Wars between secular and religious took place in this region between the tenth century and the fourteenth century. Then announce political unrest resulting in fires and looting important. All this took place between the fifteenth century and the seventeenth century.

Tourism and visits Combs-la-Ville
City Combs-la-Ville has many monuments including in its heritage. You can enjoy your visit to this destination to enjoy the historical and tourist highlights it. Among the secular monuments, enjoy Sommeville School, Park Mennechy, the Château de la Fresnaye and Castle Marronniers. This is the old Town Hall. The Church of St. Vincent is a religious building in an exceptional setting in the city. She offers guided tours. For lovers of nature, space discoveries are possible. The most interesting are: Arthur Chaussy Park, Forest Sénart, Central Park and Bishop Wood.
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Transfer from Combs-la-Ville to Paris airports
City Combs-la-Ville is 6 km from Brunoy and 28 km from Paris. The distance between the city of Combs-la-Ville Orly airport is about 16.5 km.


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