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History and activities Eaubonne

The name of the city comes from the Latin aqua bona mean low water good. This area was already inhabited since Celtic times. The Roman conquest also marked the city. Indeed, various military roads were built including the Roman road linking Troyes Harfleur. The first mention of the name of the city appears in a charter of King Dagobert around the year 635. Then to the eleventh century, the city was under the rule of the family of Montmorency and password by following the Condé family. Being a rural destination, the area has been transformed. The Lord of Eaubonne decided to build an urban constituting winegrowers' houses, castles, houses and streets guards. In the nineteenth century, the city tends to considerable development, the railways are large surface properties cover the city.


Tourism and visits Eaubonne

There are many historical monuments and tourist city that retains Eaubonne. Pavilions guard dating from the third quarter of the eighteenth century. They were registered as historical monuments July 11, 1942. The Hotel de Mézières is Goguel Castle is also a marvel to discover in this destination. It is the same for the Petit Château without forgetting the Castle Chesnaye. If you want to see religious buildings, you can go to St. Mary's Church and the Church of the Sacred Heart.


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Transfer from the Paris airports to Eaubonne

The city of Eaubonne is 1 km from Ermont and 14 km from Paris. It is located 19.9 km from the airport Charles de Gaulle.

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