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History and activities Élancourt

The name of the city comes from Élancourt anthroponym Aglin or Agil Germanic and Latin curtis or domain. The history of this city dates back to the Neolithic period. Many discoveries testify to a human presence and activity of the prehistoric agricultural plateau Élancourt. The Gallo-Roman period also marked the destination as ways were found as that which connects Paris and Dreux. Until the nineteenth century, the city was concentrated in agriculture and in the vineyards. The explosion of urban occurred around the year 1970 during the construction of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.



Tourism and visits Élancourt

To learn more about the city of Élancourt, it is best to explore all the wonders of the most remarkable in its possession. You would choose routes that lead to the various attractions of the region. Regarding religious buildings, you have the opportunity to visit the Protestant Church of Élancourt Evangelical Reformed Church of France, Saint Medard Church, the Church of St. Peter's Keys, the Church Saint-Sauveur and Notre Dame. In addition, civil buildings are also seen, including: Templar Commandery of Villedieu and Farm Mousseau. During a walk, do not hesitate to go to the washhouse Hermanderie the Bassin de la Muette, the Coudrays Park and the Garden of the five senses.


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Transfer from the Paris airports to Élancourt

The city Élancourt is 3 km from Trappes and 29 km from Paris. It is located 30.2 km from Orly airport.

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