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History and visit the Palace of the Legion of Honor in Paris
The Palace of the Legion of Honor was built by the architect Pierre Rousseau. It is located in the 7th arrondissement of Paris on the rue de Lille. Construction activities are commenced in 1781 and ended in 2004. The palace is classified as a historic monument since 1985.

Its construction was made in order to make a mansion in Prince Frederick III of Salm-Kyrbourg. This palace is the property of the National Order of the Legion of Honor since 1804 and serves as a museum of the Legion of Honor. It was rebuilt then burned while following its initial form by the architect mortar between 1871 and 1878.

The Palace of the Legion of Honor is the headquarters of the order, the abode of Lord Chancellor and the National Museum of the Legion of Honour and the orders of chivalry. When the prince died the palace was handed over to his son to be provided under the supervision of a trustee.

The exterior decoration of the palace was made by Philippe Laurent and Jean Guillame Moitte. It is characterized by the main entrance in the form of a triumphal arch surrounded by Doric order columns and Corinthian colonnade. It has a beautiful portal surmounted by sculptures of angels. The dome of the palace is decorated with statues. The windows crowned by statues which are placed in niches rounded bring natural light inside the museum.

The interior of the building destroyed by fire is fully rehabilitated by various artists, including Jean Paul Laurens, Theodore Jersey, Ehrmann François and Louis Joseph Achille Sirouy.

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The Palace of the Legion of Honor is localized at 21 km from Orly Airport, 29.6 miles
Charles de Gaulle Airport and 89.6 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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