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History and activities Etampes

The name of the town of Etampes comes from the Greek word meaning pleasant temper. The history of the city dates back to the Gallo-Roman period. Human occupation in this era have been found in the region through various discoveries. The city of Etampes develops from the sixth century thanks to its geographical position highly advantageous. This destination takes advantage of resources and wood grain. At the time of the manor, to 1536, the county becomes Stamps duchy. Between the seventeenth century and eighteenth century, the grain trade is very considerable. The arrival of trains in this looks to the year 1843. It was not until 1990 that the industrial activity areas occupy the town of Etampes.



Tourism and visits Étampes

In the town of Etampes, attractions do not miss. Indeed, you have the chance to move from one site to another to admire the wealth of this destination. The Priory is a historic monument located at rue du Hameau de Bretagne. It was registered in 1931. Religious buildings are also to visit in this region, including the Church of St. Gilles the twelfth century, the Church of St. Basil the twelfth century and the Church of Notre Dame. Many other monuments are discovered in Etampes. The most notable include: The Arcade houses, the Hotel Saint-Yvon, La Maison de Diane de Poitier, the Palace of Justice, and the Hôtel Anne Pisseleu.

Order to have a successful career in the tourist town of Etampes, you can entrust your transfer to a professional. Our selection of cars you can choose between collective shuttle, private car and private luxury vehicle. A reservation is required to secure your program and itinerary in the town of Etampes. Other routes are also possible as the displacement between the town of Etampes and Paris airports.



Transfer from Etampes to Paris airports

The town of Etampes is located 22 km from Brétigny-sur-Orge and 50 km from Paris. This destination is 35.4 miles from Orly Airport.

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