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History and activities Franconville

The name of the city is characterized by the people eponymous villa comes from the Latin meaning farm. Franconville parish was under the domination of the abbey of Saint-Denis for many years. During the various wars that have succeeded in the city, destruction greatly influenced the city. Between the sixteenth century and the nineteenth century, the city focused on agricultural activities. The buildings are also announced at that time by beautiful homes. The railway has appeared in this destination in 1846 and continues through urbanization and development of the entire city.



Tourism and visits Franconville

Many monuments and attractions are to be found in the city of Franconville. You can explore the city while passing the Tombstone, at the War Memorial erected in honor of the 122 dead of the First World War and the House of Foy-Guérin. A guided tour is also interesting in the Sainte-Madeleine Church to admire its interior as well as historical elements which it retains. Besides the church, the castle of the eighteenth century is to discover.

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Transfer from the Paris airports to Franconville

Franconville City is located 5 km from Argenteuil and 15 km from Paris. This destination is located 23.5 km from the airport Charles de Gaulle.


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