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History and activities Goussainville

The name of the city comes from the anthroponym Gunsanna. This is the name of a wife of Clotaire I that is to say, the son of Clovis. The first human settlements in the city date back to prehistoric times. Silex cut the Neolithic have been found in the region. For the first mention of the city, this was held around the year 832 in a list of lands of the Abbey of Saint-Denis under Abbot Hilduin. In 1125, the city became a parish. At the time of the manor, the lords share the land. Around the year 1930, the development implementation in the region. The latter hosts in this case a working population.



Tourism and visits Goussainville

Visiting the city Goussainville is characterized by the passage in historical sites and tourist preferred. Indeed, tourists can admire the Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul the twelfth century. It is a building that has been remodeled to the thirteenth century and the sixteenth century. This building consists of a nave and blind aisles to six bays, without transept and chancel without. Apart from visiting the church, you can also explore neighborhoods Goussainville and cellars of the castle called crypt. Other monuments are also to discover Goussainville as the war memorial in the form of a triptych dedicated to the dead of the Great War.

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Transfer from the Paris airports to Goussainville

City Goussainville is located 8 km from Sarcelles and 21 km from Paris. This destination is 6 km from the airport Charles de Gaulle


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