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History and activities of Houilles

The city name comes from the Latin meaning oviles sheep. It is an ancient city whose origins have not yet been defined. The city was until the eighteenth century under the rule of lords. Activities of the inhabitants of the city were based on agriculture. From the year 1841, this destination development and railroad emphasizes the development of the city. Water, electricity and gas were available in the city in 1869. The old drainage ditches were replaced by sewage from the year 1886. Activities in Houilles remains the same, gardening and fruit growing without forgetting the potato vines. Industry and commerce do not take an important place in the economy of this region.



Tourism and visits to Houilles

Various tourist places to discover in Houilles City. You have a wide choice of destinations to visit. For churches, do not hesitate to make an appointment to take a tour to the Church of St. Nicolas. This religious monument was erected from the twelfth century. To the seventeenth century, this building has undergone some major modifications. Only two pillars, round and octagon wearing two capitals are decorated with curved leaves of the early Church, the rest has been restored. Apart from the church, a passage to the station is also a good idea. It is a station goes between the years 1843 and 1880. This station was closed because it was not profitable.

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Transfer from Houilles to Paris airports

Coal City is 3 km from Sartrouville and 12 km from Paris. It is 25.6 km from Orly airport.

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