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History and activities in La Celle-Saint-Cloud

The city name comes from the Latin meaning Cella shack and St. Clodoald, the small son of Clovis. To the seventh century, the city of La Celle-Saint-Cloud was entirely under the control of the abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. It is only in the seventeenth century the city became independent. The region has focused on the cattle market during these centuries. During the Hundred Years War and the wars of religion, the city was devastated and adverse effects were observed. It took many years for the city regained its stability. In 1880, the first railroad foothold in the city. The city tends to considerable development since the buildings are also very favored.



Tourism and visits to La Celle-Saint-Cloud

Tourists in La Celle-Saint-Cloud are welcome to explore the landmarks. This town is interesting for hiking and historical discoveries. The Château de la Celle is such a large building dating from 1748 to 1750. It is a monument designed by architect Jean Cailleteau and Lassurance. The monks of Saint-Germain-des-Pres also contributed to the foundation of this building. Château de Beauregard is also worth visiting. It dates back to the nineteenth century that is to say, towards the year 1858. This castle belonged to the lordship of Beauregard. This castle was largely destroyed, the central front is what remains of this magnificent building. A walk will also help you see the old rectory, the Castle and the Chestnut Pavilion Butard.

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The city of La Celle-Saint-Cloud is 3 km from Chesnay and 14 km from Paris. The destination is 21 miles from Orly Airport.

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