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History and activities Blanc-Mesnil

The name of the city comes from the Latin mansionil low which means a small village and blauntch meaning white down germain. The history of the city dates back to the Neolithic. Archaeological excavations have discovered evidence of polished axes period of prehistory in this destination. The first written reference the name of the city date back to the twelfth century. The fourteenth century, the first chapel was built in Blanc-Mesnil named La Chapelle Notre-Dame. Activities of the city at that time were based on the cultivation of wheat. Around the year 1870, between the city slowly in the field of industrialization. However, its development took place after the First World War. Industrial subdivisions multiply and service activities are becoming increasingly important.



Tourism and visiting Blanc-Mesnil

Le Blanc-Mesnil covers many historical and tourist sites. Indeed, the adventures and discoveries do not lack in this area. Tourists can admire eg Farm Our Lady which is located near the old chapel of Our Lady of the Annunciation. This farm has a variety of craft workshops, sports and culture. La Ferme du Petit Groslay is also a monument of the city. This farm had a large wood and agricultural and dairy production. Currently, it has become a summer camp. History buffs can discover the Church of Our Lady of the Annunciation. This building contains a large part of the history of the city. It is attached to the parish of Dugny. A walk to Blue Castle also allows you to admire the beautiful architecture of this building.

The city Le Blanc-Mesnil is a decorated tourist destination. So if you want to familiarize yourself with the area, simply visit the wonders it has. Transfer means is therefore useful to take you from one site to another. To do this, we offer a transfer service around the city Blanc-Mesnil. Three options are to be filled according to your requests, including collective shuttle, private car and luxury car VIP. The team will be at your disposal during the trip.



Transfer from Blanc-Mesnil to Paris airports

The city Le Blanc-Mesnil is 2 km from the town of Drancy and 12 km from the city of Paris. It is 10.5 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 24.9 km from Orly airport.

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