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History and visit Propylaea in Paris
A Propylaea is originally a hall leading to the sanctuary. It refers to a monumental entrance. This means access to a sanctuary, it is a separation between two places that are profane or divin.Les Propylaea in a world of Paris that still exist in part are in fact nothing more than the old barriers located in Paris in the nineteenth arrondissement.

Designed to attract the eye and thus carries out their name because they are very impressive. Despite their size, they have very different appearances. Some take the form of castles or a mixture of such half-house, half temple as the Barriere du Trone de Vincennes example. The imagination of Ledoux is for many. He erected several buildings more impressive as each other, but none has the same character and the same kind.

This does not necessarily mean that all the Propylaea are impeccably beautiful, moreover confirms that of Montparnasse, the exaggeration of his peculiarities was the laughingstock of the major buildings in Paris. For others clapped, the architect was sorely lacking inspiration and did nothing other than blades copies of Greek temples as evidenced by the barrier Charonton. The barrier of Saint-Denis, however contradicted this, because it is one of the most simple and gives a somewhat masculine, yet not without charms It is important not to forget the utility side, as they are mostly used as observatory.

Transfer propylaeum in Paris
The Propylaea of Paris is 24 km from Charles de Gaulle airport, 26 km from Orly Airport and 95 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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