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History and visit the Porte Saint-Antoine in Paris

The Porte Saint-Antoine was fought during the reign of Henry III in 1585 and no longer exists today, was one of the gates of the enclosure Charles V. There were two doors were called Porte de Saint-Antoine, the most famous was monitored by the Bastille, in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris on one of the oldest streets of the city dating back to Roman times.

It contained only one central arch, but when Louis XIV ascended the throne, he ordered the architect Blondel to remedy this by adding a second arcade that would swing perfectly with that which was already present. In 1356, in order to control access to the capital, six doors were designed. One of them was that of Saint-Antoine, protected by two towers. In 1382, the king left his residence in the palace of the city to escape its hotels in the Marais and asked that it build a Chastel, to be secure in his home.

A triumphal arch with a single archway was built under the orders of Henry II right at the door of St. Anthony. Sculptures decorated the windows of the arc. In 1672, two arcades were added to honor Louis XIV to commemorate his marriage in 1660 that went through the door. Three statues were sculpted especially for this occasion. Several important events are passed to the Porte de Saint-Antoine, for example Henri II participating in a tournament on 30 juin1559 and was struck by a fatal wound.

Transfer of the Porte Saint-Antoine in Paris
The Porte Saint-Antoine is located 18 km from Orly airport, 32 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 90 km from the airport of Beauvais.


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