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History and visit the large and small Châtelet in Paris

The large and small Châtelet are at the end of the bridges that connect the island of the City of Paris and the banks of the Seine. They existed since the 9th century. They were built of wood and construction has been strengthened and replaced with rocks. The Grand Chatelet serves to protect the entrance to the large bridge deck currently on exchange to the north. While the little Chatelet protects the entrance to the bridge to the south.

The Châtelet was a small door surmounted by a building and two defensive towers. It was built of wood and turned to stone around 1130 under the orders of Louis VI. The bridge and the small gatehouse were destroyed after December 20, 1296 overflow of the Seine. Reconstructions were performed during the reign of Charles V.

Later the little Chatelet has been converted into a state prison. The small gatehouse was remodeled by Hugh Aubriot and under the orders of Charles VI he became a residence for prison guards
The great gatehouse is placed on the location of the present Place du Chatelet. He was the most wonderful buildings of Saint-Jacques de la Boucherie. It was a building used to defend the area while monitoring the inside and outside of the city.

This stronghold was the location of the justice and contained a prison. After hanging Montfaucon, the Grand Chatelet was the highest building in the murky city of Paris. The appearance and the surroundings of the building become the most disgusting of the capital of France.

Transfer to large and small Châtelet in Paris
The large and the small gatehouse located 17 km from Orly airport, 28 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 90 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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