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History and visit the Rue de Grenelle-Saint-Honoré in Paris

Rue de Grenelle-Saint-Honoré is an ancient street in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. Are route was identical to current section that goes from the rue du Louvre through the Rue Saint-Honoré and Rue Coquillère. She had to have patronymic Guernelles Henry, who lived in the thirteenth century.

It was in this street, the hotel President Baillet which was owned by several notables such as the Duke of Montpensier in 1605, and the Duke of Bellegarde in 1612 and Chancellor Séguier in 1632. It had embellished the building with paintings Vouet, a library and installed a chapel.

The last owner was a man of science, arts and had a lot of talent. The hotel became the temple of museums, and the place was a place where scholars met. The place became the cradle of the French Academy. The chancellor had the honor to receive regular royal family and King Louis XIV. In 1656 the Academy was honored by Queen Christina of Sweden.

The hotel Séguier was the seat of the French Academy until 1673. It was later bought by farmers is to establish general offices and shops. The hotel changed its name to the hotel's women.

In the sixteenth century near the hotel was the women hotel Viscount de Chartres where he died June 9, 1572 Jeanne d'Albert. She died quickly and the story says that she was poisoned by a pair of gloves she had purchased the perfumer Rene was the court of Catherine de Medici.

The hotel women later became national property. Thereafter it will be respectively converted theater and home detention. Well after it is divided into several properties.

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Rue de Grenell e-Honoré is located 23 km from Orly airport, 30 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 84 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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