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History and visit the rue du Forez in Paris
This street belongs to Paris 3rd district is located in the heart of the Marais. With a length of 42 meters and a width of 10 meters, Rue du Forez starts at No. 57 rue Charlot and ends at the rue de Picardie No. 20. Street is currently served by the metro Filles du Calvaire and Temple.

In the middle of the Marais district in Paris, rue du Forez is one of the tracks built by the developer of the neighborhood Claude Charlot in the 17th century. This street is located on the ancient cultures of the Temple. It takes its name from the old French province Forez. This is due to aborted project of Henri IV of France to build a place with streets radiating with all the names of the provinces of France.

Visitors can admire the No. 6 rue du Forez the location of a house whose owner was the architect and poet Sedaine (17191797). Thanks to his talent, Sedaine acquired an honest ease and stood Wells Street in the Marais. Through the Marquis de Marigny, he worked as secretary of the Royal Academy of Architecture in 1768.

Drill the street ends at the rue de Picardie where tourists can see far religious buildings such as the Church of the Eparchy Sainte-Croix-de-Paris Armenians. It was an old chapel of the Capuchin convent Marais, built in the 17th century on an old tennis court. The hotel is also Cornuel a historical monument.

Transfer to the street in Paris Drill
Street Forez is 18.4 km from Orly airport, 27.6 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 88 km from Paris Beauvais airport

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