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History and visit the rue du Pont-aux-Choux in Paris

The rue du Pont-aux-Choux public interest The Way IN June The District Archives In the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. This street liaison entre le Boulevard des Filles-du-Calvaire on rue de Turenne. The rue du Pont-aux-Choux have a length of 172 METRES AND A width of 12 meters.

Historically, rue du Pont-aux-Choux existed since the 16th century and son mite not name bridge crossing the sewer of the city. It WAS A sewer once found himself in Who-The Coasters Current rue de Turenne. The name of Pont-aux-Choux WAS Probably Given in this street in 1610 e 1612. A postern belonging to the court of Charles V, replaced by the gate of St. Louis, formerly found Debouche front of the rue du Pont-aux-Choux.

Morphologically, rue du Pont-aux-Choux itself begin to No. 113 Boulevard Beaumarchais and the # 1 boulevard des Filles-du-Calvaire. It Ends at No. 86 rue de Turenne. The site Which Lies rue du Pont-aux-Choux interest served by the Metro Saint-Sébastien - Froissart. The rue du Pont-aux-Choux Few sites have Individuals.

The rue du Pont-aux-Choux, the son of current history, hosted SOME CHARACTERS known. Master mason Michael Villedo lived IN A House found itself at No. 3 on the street. This house, well preserved reminder, Is A pretty house Louis XIII style featuring a front view 3 bays. It is important to note interest que le famous Cartridge LIVES IN THE journalistic this house in the late 17th century.


Transfer to the rue du Pont-aux-Choux in Paris
The rue du Pont-aux-Choux is LOCATED at 18.1 km from Orly Airport to 27.2 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 87.6 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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