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History and visit the street Galande in  Paris

Formerly Garland Street, the highway from the fifth arrondissement of Paris lies in the Rue Saint-Jacques Street Lagrange extending the rue Saint-Séverin.

Historically, according to a cartulary of Sainte-Geneviève, the street takes its name from the fact that Matthew and his wife Madeleine Montmarency of Garland to set up their vines, "called the closed Mauvoisin" to serve fee to grant to certain persons in charge to develop the site. This setup gave birth to Garland Street and ran in 1202. The streets were composed of Garlande Fouarre section and those that lie between the Place Maubert and the Rue de la Bûcherie. Later, it was decided to bring all these sections under the same name: Galande street.

Those who engage in the exploration of the highway can not escape the spell of the beautiful and curious bas-relief carved on the facade of No. 42. This masterpiece, which is the scene where Saint-Julien made ​​a false move lepers Jesus to make him cross a river, it was built in the thirteenth century.

Besides the historical monuments still visible far, this street is also known for hosting the chapels of St. Blaise and St. Louis. This chapel, which served as the headquarters of the Brotherhood of two monks, was built in 1476 by carpenters and masons Paris.

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Street Galandese located 19.1 km from Orly airport, 33.3 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 100 km from Paris Beauvais airport


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