Tranfer visit the Royal fortress of Chinon in the Loire Valley


History and visit the Royal fortress of  Chinon  in the Loire Valley

The Royal Fortress of Chinon is built on a rocky outcrop. It is a fortress considered a strategic site. This place has been occupied since the era of ancient and coveted every time.

The castle was built in the tenth century. It has been realized thanks to the Count of Blois and the Cheat Thibaud Henry II was the Count of Anjou and King of England. In 1808, the castle passed into the hands of the District Council for major restoration. The fortress has become a monument of the third millennium, it adopts a style defined by military and cohesion of yesteryear.

The Royal Fortress of Chinon extends over 500 meters in length. It is characterized by the three works are separated by moats, including Fort St. George, Fort du Coudray Castle and the environment. It houses the royal lodgings.

The Fortress welcomes countless visitors in various venues for tours or open houses. The path outside the fortress is also important. Visitors will notice during discovery, four bathrooms films, the scenography of the house, the two rooms devoted to the redeployment of the former Museum of the Jeanne d'Arc Clock Tower, which is the attic reserves the museum and large attic.

The path outside the Royal Fortress of Chinon allows tourists to enjoy the park sitting three areas whose themes include Joan of Arc, The Templars and Construction Middle Ages.

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Transfer from Paris airports to Royal Fortress of Chinon  in the Loire Valley

The Royal Fortress of Chinon is 277 km from Orly airport, 310 km from Charles-de-Gaulle airport and 379 km from Paris Beauvais airport.

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