Private transportation to Château de Brézé in the Loire Valley


History and visit the Château de Brézé in the Loire Valley

Brézé Castle was founded in the eleventh century. Until the nineteenth century the castle has undergone extensive revisions. It gives tourists the chance to discover a chic is still inhabited and exceptional underground site. The castle includes a collection of rock far in the world. It is a castle passing style neo-Gothic interior and neo-renaissance.

The Castle has an underground fortress that is to say, a castle in a castle. It is considered a real history book. It consists of an old fortified mansion of walkways dug, drawbridge troglodyte cellars of lords, presses underground, a kitchen, a bakery, a cooler and tunnels.

The Château stands by domestic quarters, bathroom and towel warmers. The Castle also exposes its Louis XIII furniture and the original large gallery, the former reception hall of the castle.

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Transfer from Paris airports to Castle Brézé in the Loire Valley

Castle Brézé is 322 km from Orly airport, 355 km from Charles-de-Gaulle airport and 424 km from Beauvais Airport.


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