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History and visit the Prosper-up Goubaux in Paris

Prosper-Goubaux place is a place belonging to the 8th and 17th arrondissement of Paris. It traverses areas of Europe, Plaine de Monceaux and Batignolles. It begins at the Boulevard de Courcelles, boulevard des Batignolles and ends rue de Lévis, rue de Constantinople and rue du Rocher.

Instead Prosper-Goubaux part of the boulevard des Batignolles and Boulevard de Courcelles. The name it bears today was given on 6 November 1905. It is shaped by the cross rue du Rocher, the Boulevard des Batignolles, and the Rue de Constantinople the Boulevard de Courcelles.

The place was a Goubaux Prosper-lane belonging to the municipality of Batignolles. She was baptized Goubaux Prosper-up in honor of the founder of the school Chaptal found in its vicinity. He is also a playwright.

A bust by Auguste Rodin adorns the square-Goubaux Prosper. It represents Henry Becque, a playwright, and institute in November 1908. It is a magnificent place adorned by shrubs.

It has a bike rental station for exploring the French capital freely. Instead Prosper-Goubaux is served by underground Underground Villiers, Rome or the Place Clichy and bus lines.

Transfer to Prosper-up Goubaux in Paris
Prosper-Goubaux place is at a distance of 19.6 km from Orly Airport to 26.9 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 83 km from Beauvais Airport.

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