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History Amfreville-les-Champs

Amfreville-les-Champs ss a French commune localized in the department of Eure and the Haute-Normandie region. William Longsword gave them land Amfreville-les-Champs at the Cathedral of Rouen. Since that time, the destination was under the authority of this cathedral. Part of this territory belonged also to the Abbaye de Fontaine Guérard. Much of the history of this town is preserved in the church of Saint-Pierre through objects it houses.


Tourism and visits Amfreville-les-Champs

The city of Amfreville-les-Champs beyond historical sites. Visits to scenic spots attract tourists enormously in this section. Change for better ideas, the valleys of the Seine and Andelle dominated by cliffs are ideal for hiking. They are protected natural sites, but are open to the public. Tourists can also admire the choir of St. Peter's Church of the twelfth century and the thirteenth century. This building is especially famous with its bell tower marking the fifteenth century and sixteenth century. The Manor Pavilion will satisfy at the same time the curiosity of history buffs. It dates from the first half of the seventeenth century.

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Transfer the city Amfreville-les-Champs to the Paris airports

Amfreville-the-field locates 15 km north-east of Louviers and 89 km from Paris. It is located 118 km from Orly airport, 81.1 km from Beauvais Tille Airport and 110 km from the airport of Charles de Gaulle.

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