Shuttle from Anceaumeville in Normandy to Paris airports


History of city Anceaumeville in Normandy

Anceaumeville is a French commune in the Seine-Maritime and Haute-Normandie region. Its name comes from the Latin villa essentially meaning royal domain and is preceded by Ansel is a man's name of Germanic origin. The history of the town dates back to the year 1030. At that time, she was under the authority of Alexandre Bigot. The past the village was also marked by the tornado of 1845. Adverse consequences were noted on part of the territory.


Tourism and visits town of Anceaumeville in Normandy

Tourism is highly favored in the common Anceaumeville. Therefore, visitors have the opportunity to explore various historical sites, scenic spots and monuments are mostly classified as historical monuments. The most remarkable sites in the village is the Church of St. Martin. This religious monument was in the sixteenth century under the patronage of Mont Sainte-Catherine and after Chartreux Gaillon. Visitors throughout their career can also find the ruins of the castle built in the nineteenth century by Evode Chevalier. A visit to the manor farm Murs is also not to be missed. Tourists will eighteenth century dovecote and an antique store.

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Shuttle from Anceaumeville in Normandy to  Paris airports

The common Anceaumeville is 13 km from Mont-Saint-Aignan and 121 km from Paris. It is 123 km from Paris Beauvais airport, 168 km from Orly Airport and 173 km from Charles de Gaulle.


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