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History and visit the Rue de la Baume in Paris

La Baume Street is a street located in Paris's 8th arrondissement. She travels the area of Europe. It starts at No. 11 Avenue and ends at the rue de Courcelles and Myron Herrick Avenue. It was created in 1858. The opening of the Rue de la Baume was made on land belonging to the family of La Baume Pluvinel in 1858. This family had an origin dauphinoise. It is named in honor of the owners of the land where it was built.

Street La Baume is bordered by mansions. Many hotels that were on the street were destroyed to make way for more modern buildings. The southern part of the street was decorated by the gardens of the Hôtel de Segur, who was at number 44, rue la Boétie.

The former Hotel de La Baume Pluvinel was at number two on the street. It had an entrance on the Rue de Courcelles and still retains these decorations painting. He became the owner of Mr. Despeaux in 1910. The astronomer Aymar de la Baume Pluvinel was at number 7 on this street. This building is neo-classical.

Buildings that were on the Rue de la Baume were demolished as the hotel of the Duc de Montesquiou Fézensac, Hotel Louis Renault and hotel Frédéric Masson.

Transfer to the Rue de la Baume in Paris
Street La Baume is located at a distance of 26.5 km from Orly airport, 30.4 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 84.7 km from the airport of Beauvais.


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