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History of Ailly-le-haut-clocher in Picardy

Is a French commune, Ailly-le-haut-clocher is located in the department of Somme and Picardy. The name of the town comes from a farm Gallo-Roman "Alius". The high bell tower was added to the name of the village saw the steeple of the church sat at 56 meters. In 831, Ailly-le-top bell belonged to the Abbey of Saint-Riquier. Then, around the year 1500, Catherine de Fosseux sells the village of Ailly-le-haut-bell Josse Beauvarlet. The year 1556 marks the construction of the spire d'Ailly by a carpenter named François Glassant. In 1615, the town was ravaged by the troops of Marshal d'Ancre.


Tourism and visits to Ailly-le-haut-clocher

Ailly-le-haut-clocher is known as a country hedges. The village is surrounded by hedges and inviting way to ride. Visitors to the town have the advantage of a ride to the church of Our Lady of the Assumption, which is classified as a historical monument. The building of Gothic architecture was built in the thirteenth century. In the eighteenth century, the spire of the building was used for measures contributing to the establishment of the Cassini map. For several years it has been the subject of animation during the European Heritage Days. In addition, tourists can also visit the memorial. The latter is built next to the church. It is surrounded by four shells. They have the particularity to leave earth that exceed their upper end.

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Transfer of Ailly-le-haut-clocherto Paris airports

The town of Ailly-le-top bell is located 12km from Abbeville and 137 km from Paris. It is located 188 km from Orly airport, 160 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 93 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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