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History of the town of Vire in Normandy

Vire is a French commune du Bocage Virois located in the department of Calvados and Basse-Normandie region. Previously, Vire was part of the provinces of Armorica is to say Celtic Gaul. The name of the grove Viridovix come from the founder of the town. The municipality has met several wars in its history including the Battle of Champrépus. In fact, around the year 56 BC the Romans invaded the city. Then, General Viridovix Gauls fought battle against the conquerors. However, the general was defeated despite his considerable efforts. Therefore, the area came under the authority of the Romans. It is in 260 AD that Vire had another war said the Civil Wars. They broke after the elevation of Posthumous proclaimed emperor of Gaul, favoring the invasion of the barbarians. These massacred the population of the shore while reducing the city to ashes.


Tourism and visits to Vire

The town of Vire has many monuments classified as ancient fortifications. The ruin of the dungeon part. This building was built in the twelfth century. It is classified as a historical monument. It is accessible to archivists. In addition to the ruins, you will have the privilege of exploring the tower and platform Coulonces curtain. Not only that, you will have the satisfaction of seeing you the religious architecture of the locality in particular those of Notre-Dame de Vire. This building was raised in the twelfth century. He has also been the subject of a registration under monument. Beyond the church, you have the chance to see the remains of churches including the Church of St. Thomas, St. Anne's Church and the Church of St. Martin. In addition to religious monuments, do not miss the civil constructions in the city as the sub-prefecture of the Arclais Corday, the Museum of Vire and the Hotel de Ville. Please note that City Hall is registered as historical monuments.

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Vire is 60 km from Caen  and 295  km from Paris. This destination is 269 km from Paris Beauvais airport, 297 km from Orly Airport and 315 km from Charles de Gaulle airport.


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