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Transfer by car from Beauvais Airport to Disneyland Paris


Disneyland Paris is a themed theme park established on a plot of 22 hectares of land. Located in the commune of Chessy, 22 kilometers from Paris, the park of Paris is the second one built after the Disneyworld (completed in 1955). Its construction was initiated in 1983, following the opening of Tokyo Disneyland. Europe had to have a Disneyland to itself, given its number of fans around, but also because Europe was the place of origin of the Disney industries’ creator. As a result of this desire to set up the Disney Park, large financial and legal structures were necessary to set, along with the search for potential partners.

Euro-Disney in France is endorsed by the authorities on March 24, 1987 in Matignon. There are many reasons why the signatories of the Disney Park installation agreement in Europe in this commune of Chessy were motivated. The main ones would be:

  • Walt Disney participated in the battles of the First World War in Europe;
  • Disney stories happen mostly on European soil;
  • Walt Disney was inspired by Danish and German castles for its park located in Disneyland California;
  • The genealogy of Disney’s creator includes Norman families.

The site of Chessy (Marne-la-Vallée) was selected from a list of places in Spain and Barcelona. A tour of Europe’s architecture and lifestyle was necessary for the creation of the attractions of the park of Marne-la-Vallée. Among the main attractions are the "Geyser Mountains".

This project has been criticized many times by intellectuals who disliked the establishment of a park that preached American culture in a region historically very important for the history of Europe. The construction of Disneyland ensures the creation of additional tracks and paths. In 1989, work on the communication channels provided for in the agreement (extension of the A4 motorway and the RER A, beginning of the construction of the TGV station) began in August 1989. This same year, Bourse, Disney’s representative and a sidekick dressed in Mickey receives a hostile reception from communist representatives.


Here are the attractions that almost all of the tourists coming to Disneyland Paris do not want to miss.

Tower of Terror

Designed by Walt Disney Imagineering, this attraction consists of a fall into void. Tower of Terror is a scenic course of Disney parks that operates through elevator technology, with the difference that it causes vertical accelerations greater than the acceleration of earth's gravity. The attraction is inspired by a legend related to a 'Hollywood hotel', this happening in the twilight zone series. This legend tells of an event that occurred on October 31st, 1939 during Halloween night. A great feast was organized on the 13th floor, when the lightning struck the hotel suddenly. As a result, a lift carrying 5 passengers is shipped in the fourth dimension and at the same time, much of the facade disappears from reality. The story varies from Tokyo to Paris, but the fall produces identical sensations. In France, this attraction is inspired by The Fourth Dimension series.

Space Mountain

Montagne de l’Espace in French, this is one of the main attractions of Disney theme parks. It is a ‘montagne russe’ enclosing a journey into interstellar space. A concept created in Orlando Park, it was simplified for Disneyland in 1977. The latter was reproduced in Tokyo Disneyland in 1983 and in Hong Kong in 2005. The attraction would take place in the dark. Thus, some portions of the rails would be invisible, a solution imagined by Walt Disney himself to increase the surprise effect of visitors and compensate for the absence of some other elements typical of the other roller coasters. The French version of Space Mountain allows an ascent of the mountain from the outside. This new attraction is not yet present in the other Disneyland parks in the world.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Go for a captivating adventure in this fortress of the filibusters. This attraction will make you live intense moments, to the discovery of the life of the pirates at some point of the crossing. In Pirates of the Caribbean, interloped alleys will be useful to you to flee inside a fortress devastated by the fighting. You can explore the dungeons where the skeletons of the fallen pirates lie, find a refuge near a lagoon under the light and embark on your sailboat. If all goes well, you will also go to meet Captain Jack Sparrow living his life as pirates. Indeed, this attraction shows the sailors of the black pavilion getting drunk with rum, contemplating their booty and interpreting the "hey ho", the hymn of the buccaneers.


Disneyland Hotel

This hotel receives hundreds of favorable reviews from its customers, rated #1 out of the 3 hotels in Chessy (Marne-la-Vallée). It organizes birthdays and parties to order for customers. The rooms are very comfortable and you will benefit from a free upgrade in case of overbooking.

Appart'City Confort Marne-la-Vallée

This property holds 3 stars and is one of the most popular hotels for tourists and holidaymakers in the Marne-la-Vallée region. The hotel corresponds exactly to the expectations of a person coming to spend his days in Disney's amusement park, who needs a good rest after seeing the Space Mountain and the Tower of Terror.


To get from Beauvais to Disneyland Paris, take the A16, then go to Allonne by leaving the D139 and D1001. You will also need to take the N104 to Baillet-en-France and then continue on the N104. Take D317, A104 and A4. Arriving on avenue Paul Séramy, you will have to go in the direction of Boulevard of Parc in Coupray.