Transfer Amusement park Asterix - Beauvais Airport

Asterix Amusement Park - Beauvais Airport


If you’ve just visited Asterix with its gorgeous amusement park, and you have to get to Beauvais airport, we offer reliable private transfer that will drop you off to this airport.


Minivan transfer from Amusement ParK Astérix to Beauvais airport


The Parc Astérix is established on 2 hectares of land and comprises 5 theme districts. The first 20,000 arrivals attest to the importance of this park. An amusement park opened on April 30, 1989, this tourist complex is designed for family walks or relax with friends. Located in the town of Plailly, the site is managed by the Compagnie des Alpes, a subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts. A theme park dedicated to the hero of the cartoon Astérix, It is located in Plailly, in the Oise, about thirty kilometers from Paris. The park of the Gallic village brings together several investors who spent, in total, 850 million francs 130 million euros. More than a thousand workers will be employed on this construction site.

Uderzo and Goscinny's comic book fans, Parc Astérix, preach amusement and delirium under the banner of the Gallic helmet with its golden moustache. From prehistory to the 19th century through the Roman Empire, ancient Greece and Egypt, the park has attracted visitors for more than 20 years and offers a beautiful chronology of history. But do you know him? Discover the origins and history of Parc Astérix.

The inauguration of Parc Astérix was a national achievement. It resulted from plans for leisure parks in France in the late 1980s. This initiative was taken by Albert Uderzo, following a visit he made to the United States, to Disneyland. 4 years of market research later, the company Parc Astérix SA was born in 1985 and began by recruiting the two architects in charge of the project. After two years of work, the park near Paris opens its doors officially. It is also close to Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle Airport, and is less than ten kilometres from an A1 interchange. The opening of this sensational park attracts thousands of people. Some hundreds of thousands of adults, women and children come during the inauguration and days after the opening day.

In its early years, Parc Astérix will gradually gain a reputation, despite the difficulties that this theme park is experiencing. The company is threatened with bankruptcy for a few years, notably through lack of influence. The opening of the Disney Park in Marne-la-Vallée does not help the financial situation of Parc d'Asterix. This proximity to Disneyland Paris will be detrimental to the image of the park. However, it will benefit from the actions of nationalist lobbyists who have become reluctant to see American culture and its symbols installed in Marne-la-Vallée. As a result, Parc d'Asterix will benefit from a French nationalist propaganda so that the customers return in large numbers to visit its attractions.

In 1993, the park recorded the arrival of 1,800,000 people. Parc d'Asterix will not be as good afterwards. Nevertheless, the Gallic breath of prosperity began to assert itself, the shares of the park being sold on the stock market in 1994. This nascent prosperity will happen thanks to the opening of a Greek themed quarter. The latter would be the main attraction for at least 25% of its visitors.


After this entry on the creation of Parc Astérix, you only have to book the tickets to visit the park. Once your entries in your pocket, research the attractions you should not miss. The choice is very wide. However, if you find that only one day is not enough, then choose to extend the fun and stay in one of its famous hotels.


Disc of Obélix, 10 meters in diameter, is of the family of the Big Eight. You will enjoy this attraction arranged next to a monumental statue of Obélix, enough to multiply the sensations. This attraction is inspired by the album Astérix at the Olympic Games, episode during which the faithful friend of Astérix will not have the right to participate, having been immersed in the magic potion pot when he was a child (Magic potion would then be one of the ancestors of doping). The project’s designers seem to have sought here something more like family fun.

Thunder of Zeus

This attraction is impressive, even more like the Big Eight. Zeus' thunderbolt is one of Europe's biggest eight. Located between the attractions Goudurix and Discobellix, it makes you have a dizzy fall of 30 meters. Attraction accessible to visitor with a minimum height of 1m20, it is not recommended for the younger family members. To experience good sensations with your family or with your child, take the time to visit the brand new Discobélix. In addition to the Goudurix, this attraction is a local reference in terms of Big Eight.


The Aerodynamix attraction allows you to fly only according to your pedalling forces. The nacelles of this attraction can accommodate 2 people at the same time. Aerodynamix is designed to accommodate a child with a minimum height of 90 cm.


Hôtel des Trois Hiboux

The Three Owls hotel is located 4 km from Parc Astérix. Recommended by family vacationers, the rooms are equipped with in-suite bathrooms, telephone and terrace. This property is a 3-star forest house. It also has some 150 m2 rooms. TV and parking are included to the rate.

Tiara Castle Hotel Montreal Chantilly

Certified for excellence, this establishment is located on the Chestnut Alley. The staff of this establishment speak many languages and will help set yourself comfortably before visiting the park or anything else.


To reach Beauvais airport from Parc Astérix, you will have to join the motorway of the North (A1), take exit 8, pass by Senlis and also by the national road from Paris to Dunkirk.