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CDG Airport - Reims

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In 511, Reims was the capital of the Kingdom of Australia. It is in the Renaissance, more exactly towards 1559 that this city knew the Protestant reform In 1548, the first university of Reims was created by the cardinal of Lorraine. 9 years later, the College of Good Kids with an arts education after which was expanded with the addition of teaching theology then law and medicine were born in Reims. After the massacre of Wassy, ​​during which hundreds of Protestants were killed, the troops ravage the countryside and force people to take refuge in the city walls.

From 1757, a new space to build the royal square was born if the city already has a city hall as well as an archiepiscopal palace and a Jesuit college of Reims between 14985 and 1627. During the modern era, this city has attracted a large number of visitors thanks to its fairs including the one that takes place each Easter, the Place de la Couture, highlighting products made from leather, wool, linen and hemp.

During the French Revolution, the University of Reims was enlarged and new courses were added including the course of mathematics, drawing, delivery and anatomy as well as a chemistry class. The twentieth century is the period during which air events sounded. Since then, this city has become a cradle of aviation in France or in all 5 continents. It was in October 1905 that the first air travel around the world of aviation was made by Henri Farman.

During the First World War, a large part of Reims was destroyed including Notre-Dame cathedral which was bombed on September 4, 1914. Similarly, a scaffolding, present for the restoration of the north tower of the facade, as well as the attic of the great nave and the apse ignite. Many sculptures and stained glass windows are reduced to ashes, as are the roof, the frame and the rest of the building. During this period, French shells touch the monument. However, after the battle of the Marne, the French take over the city. But it is in April 1917 that the city of Reims was bombarded several times and was badly damaged. As a result, in 1918, more than half of Reims was completely destroyed and was considered the "most battered city in France". At the end of the second war, this city experienced a major urbanization including the development of popular neighborhoods. To make so many historical visits is possible to trace these stories of Reims thanks to the vestiges which testify it.


Reims is listed as the 12th French Commune and the 29th French Urban District. It is a destination that attracts a large number of tourists every year. The city is nicknamed "the city of the coronations" or "the city of kings".

Since 2011, thanks to the tramway service, the number of inhabitants of this city has risen slightly and reached in 2015, 184 076 inhabitants. The town's population is relatively young. With regard to the rate of people older than 60 years of 17.4%, it is indeed lower than the national rate of 21.6% and the county rate of 20%. Like the national and departmental distributions, the female population of the municipality is higher than the male population. The rate of 52.8% is higher than the national rate indicated at 51.6%.

Reims is a city that has several teaching centers, primary, secondary and university. Among other things, there are many higher education institutions, such as NEOMA Business School, the Graduate School of Packaging and Packaging Engineering, or ESI Reims, the Institute of Engineering. political studies of Paris or "Sciences Po" or the higher school in applied computing or "Exia".

With regard to its current economic development, Reims has an active population, thus constituting an important source of its economic dynamism. On the other hand, its unemployment rate is only 10%. With regard to companies, Reims has 3,679 active establishments and most of them specialize in the sector of trade, followed by transport and various services. In addition, starting in January 2011, Invest in Reims, an economic development agency, created more than 3,500 jobs in Reims with around 70 new businesses. If you want to go to Reims, do not hesitate to get in touch with us to book one of our pick-ups, limousines, cars, vans


Reims is a city that attracts a large number of tourists thanks to its many historical monuments. As for its religious heritage, Reims is famous for its Cathedral Notre-Dame built in the thirteenth century and attracts about 10,000 visitors a year. There is also the Saint-Rémi Basilica, which dates from 1007 and the Tau Palace which was built during the reign of Louis XIV.

As for its cultural heritage, Reims intrigues visitors, especially the intellects and history buffs, with the existence of its many museums. There is among others the museum of the fine arts which is part of the oldest museums of the department. Today, he keeps various works illustrating the main artistic movements from the 15th century to the 20th century.

The museum hotel Le Vergeur is a place not to be missed when it comes to a stay in Reims. Until now, it contains works from Antiquity, including some fifty engravings by Albert Dürer, as well as various furniture and as many works from Asia dating back to the 19th century. In addition, the Saint-Rémi museum is devoted to the history and archeology of Reims. It is listed as World Heritage, as are the Saint-Rémi Abbey and the Palais du Tau. There is also the car museum Reims Champagne dating from 1908.

As for its environmental heritage, Reims has 82 parks and 14 playgrounds. This city is also known for its gardens classified among the French architectural heritages. It includes 3 gardens, including the Pierre Schneilter Horticultural Garden, the Saint-Nicaise Buttes Garden and the Patte d'Oie Park. Green spaces like the Léo- Lagrance Park and many hiking trails are also to enjoy during a stay in Reims. A car service always on time is at your disposal if you want to discover the city.


Reims is part of the Marne department, in the Grand East region. It is worth noting that it is 46.6 km from the Cloister Museum of Notre-Dame-en-Vaux and 25.3 km from Grinyland. The city is 135.7 km from CDG Airport and 148.4 km from Orly Airport