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CDG Airport - Chartres

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Chartres was the capital of Camules at the time of the conquest of Caesar. Previously, Chartres was known as "Autricum" in the Paleolithic era before becoming the capital of the Gallic tribe Carnutes. It is beyond that comes its name "Autricum". In this time, Chartres begins to become an important city being the seat of a bishopric. It is also noteworthy that from the 7th century, this city is both the religious capital, political and military thanks to the gift of Charles the Bald "veil of the Virgin", a relic that holds a large place in a vast cereal plateau.


In the Middle Ages, Chartres became a focus of intellectual and spiritual formation. From this time, this city is famous until medieval Europe to reach its peak in the 12th century. The population is growing and the city is expanding towards the valley. New ramparts, of which still remain some vestiges, are built and suburbs extend around the twelve gates of the city. At that time, Chartres began to build its power thanks to its important economic development. It is then divided into two parts by a vertical drop of about thirty meters. Thus is formed the high city near which are the castle and the cathedral on the one hand, and the low city which is known by its multiple activities as the tanneries, the megisseries, the mills and the corroieries, on the other hand. In 1328, the Chartres country, which had long been in the movement of the powerful counts of Blois and Champagne, entered the royal domain.


This city could not escape the harmful effects of the world wars. It undergoes its first bombing on August 15, 1918, before experiencing those of June 1940 and May 1944. On June 17, 1940, the prefect Jean Moulin bravely opposes the requirements of the occupier thus becoming the first resistance of France. In 1944, before being released by the 20th US Corps and local patriots, Chartres suffered a large number of attacks that led to the loss of the Porte Guillaume and its library, one of the richest in France. .

Towards the end of the wars, more precisely from 1950, thanks to industrial decentralization, Chartres underwent an important transformation both economically and socially. As a result, 20,000 jobs have been created and the population has grown from 27,000 to 42,000 in just 40 years. Our fleet consists of different types of vehicles for those who want to discover Chartres.



Being known by its history, the city of Chartres has become the capital of light and perfume. This name comes mainly from its economic dynamism. In addition, new housing including collective housing as the Madeleine and Beaulieu were formed. In parallel, a large number of cultural and sports facilities have been created recently. Many national and international events are organized from time to time which have made the city of Chartres, a city known throughout Europe.


As for the living environment in Chartres, this city has become for some years a very pretty city, active which is rejuvenated and modernized. In addition being not far from Paris by train, it is a city intended for all public who need to join Paris every day. In addition, it offers good cultural activities, a swimming pool ice rink and a magnificent cathedral. In addition, many extracurricular structures very appreciable and pool of jobs have improved in recent years in Chartres.


In addition, since the heart of the city has become pedestrian, it is very pleasant to stroll around the city. All the services offered by an agglomeration of this size are accessible by foot or by bike. The new green plan that connects the north to the south of the city via a green slope is a very good initiative. The number of cultural or sports events is quite impressive, and the urban planning of the city has been well thought out. Chartres has therefore become an ideal city for all the family especially to raise their children.

It is also important to remember that Chartres is a very lively city. Indeed, the inhabitants can benefit from multiple animations and distractions on the spot. Among others, ice rink, swimming pool, cinema, laser game, bowling, disco, nightclub, billiard room, commercials and karaoke nights are to enjoy. Without putting aside the many events that take place every summer in Chartres including the "chartrestival" which is the festival of Easter. There is also the festival of light, concerts and exhibitions at Chartrexpo, the festival of the harvest, the water festival and the theater. In addition, kayaking, mountain biking, little Venice are also part of the major assets to choose your home or to spend a stay in this city of lights and perfumes. Looking for a ride to do once in Chartres, do not hesitate to use our services.



This city, located in a region whose origins go back to prehistoric times, is famous for its megalithic monuments as well as its various unmissable tourist attractions. Chartres is a city not to be missed especially for fans of the history of France. Indeed, it shelters a large number of traces of centuries before.


There is, for example, the famous "Labyrinth of Chartres". He is the heir of a long tradition and he has certainly inspired many other labyrinths of church such as Reims, Amiens, Bayeux or Mirepoix. Through many researches, the mysteries of its symbolism are unfolding little by little and many interpretations have been put forward. In addition, the labyrinth of Chartres evokes, by its engraved plate which was in its center, that of the Greek mythology. Remember that it was built by architect Dédale to enclose a monstrous creature, the Minotaur.

Notre-Dame de Chartres cathedral is also worth a detour when it comes to a stay in Chartres. It has a story rich in twists and turns. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it welcomes every year many visitors and pilgrims from all continents. It is also famous for its architecture, its labyrinth, but also this real comic strip formed by its stained glass as well as its sculptures. While visiting the North Tower of the Cathedral, visitors have the opportunity to discover, at 40 meters high, the architecture of the cathedral closer. This is the perfect place to discover the flying buttresses of the nave for example, gargoyles, arrows. Our destination is essentially from the airport to the hotel, but we can take you to see these must-see places in Chartres.


Chartres is one of the oldest cities in France. It is 20.4 km from Château de Maintenon and 92 km from Pré Catelan. Chartres is located 113.7 km from CDG Airport and 82.5 km from Orly airport.