Transfer Orly Airport - Rouen

Orly Airport - Rouen

You need to go directly to the norman city soon after you’ve disembarked at Orly airport ? No need to worry about waiting in line for a taxi. Just reserve in advance your ride in a private vehicle and our friendly driver will drop you off in front of your building in Rouen.


Shuttle transfer from Orly Airport to Rouen City


A look at the city of Rouen
Rouen, the capital of Vexin Veliocasses or residents to Gauloise time was then called by its inhabitants and Ratumagos Rotomagus by the Romans. They established there a garrison and a military prefect. The "Normans" (north and become men NORMAN later), Scandinavian pirates went up the Seine to Rouen in 841 and pillaged the city. In 876, Rollo in Rouen establishes his center of warlike campaigns. The area is called Normandy under the reign of Charles the Simple in 911, after the Treaty of St Clair-sur-Epte.
The Dukes of Normandy went to war with their overlord. In 1066, William the Conqueror conquered England. To save national unity, the kings of France had to fight princes, their equals as English kings and their subjects as French vassals. In Rouen, the fight ended in 1449. Philippe Auguste took the city in 1204 after failing the first time in 1193. There followed the disasters of the war 100 years including 7 months of Rouen blockade before his capitulation to Henry V in 1419. Joan of Arc was captured May 23, 1430 after being thrown into besieged Campiègne. Imprisoned, she was sentenced to life imprisonment. The judges condemned her to be burned alive and the execution took place 30 May 1431 on the Old Market Square. In 1449, the capital of Normandy finally celebrated the return to the King of France.
In the 19th century, Rouen was under German occupation from 5 December 1870 to 22 July 1871.
During the first war of 1914-18, Rouen was not affected by the advance of the Germans who failed to blow up the bridge at Oissel. Rouen was then one of the British troops concentration centers. During the second war, Rouen suffered a great fire in June 1940 and aerial bombardments destroyed over 10 hectares and more than 5,000 buildings between April 18 and August 30, 1944. The historical monuments were not spared as Church St Vincent, the side of the cathedral, the top of the tower St Romain, St. Maclou church, the courthouse and the hotel Bourtheroulde. On 30 August 1944, Rouen was released.

Bowling in Rouen
Upon entry into France in 1623, the bowling quickly became very popular. In 1841, it is forbidden because likened to a game of chance. To circumvent the law, a tenth keel was added: the tenpin. Bowling is reintroduced in Europe in 1945 by the American soldiers. The foundation of the French Federation of bowling sports establishes a bowling section in 1957. In 1998, the bowling is recognized high-level discipline by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
Some bowling tracks already existed at the beginning of the century: a Moulin Rouge in Paris, 3 in the Excelsior Café and others in Lille and Rouen.
The Rouen International Bowling was born in 1971.

Transfers Rouen - Paris airports
The Beauvais airport is the closest to the city of Rouen, the 84 km between the two places can be made in 1 hour 41 minutes. 146 km separate the city of Rouen and Orly airport and the trip can be done in 1 hour 44 minutes. To get to the airport of Roissy, there must be one hour 53 minutes to make the 156 km.