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Overview of Le Havre
Located in Upper Normandy, Le Havre port ranked first French port. It is thus built a military and political vision.
To pay tribute to Francis I, who had established a sea resort in the city, Le Havre is first appointed Françoise Franciscopolis or City.
However, the old chapel of Our Lady of Grace was baptized Havre de Grace.
In February 1517, the Salamander continues to embellish the seaport of Upper Normandy.
The city of Le Havre has experienced significant destruction during the night of September 5, 1944 but currently, this seems no longer visible because it was rebuilt and is classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. However, his story continues: it is made unique by creating ex nihilo by the royal power to bind commercially with the New World, another development also thanks to its relationship with America, the port of Le Havre became one of the largest in France. Then, thanks to the link with the United States, Le Havre is growing its magnitude. However, the Second World War is a subject that is as an opportunity for the city to be reinstituted and also enlarge its port which was detached from the city. Indeed, the port is once again struck by the 1973 oil crisis and therefore, it is facing Antwerp, Amsterdam, Hamburg, etc.
Le Havre in Normandy city ranked first with 174,156 occupants.
In the Middle Ages, the mouth of the Seine is influenced by the ports of Harfleur and Honfleur. Suddenly, the emergence of Le Havre port that later became the royal city in the sixteenth century is supported by their draft.
Since the eighteenth century, trade between shipowners and colonies grew rich and procreating unprecedented success. It is for this reason that a new city is established in North Haven by Louis XVI.
In 1852, the Le Havre population becomes larger. That's why the speakers have been demolished and renovated by large boulevards, surrounding communities have also were victims of annexation, all these changes are works of Napoleon III.
After the year 1944, says the transformation of 150 hectares of the city center to the architect Auguste Perret with his ideas for use of reinforced concrete and some classic vocabularies. All of these concepts was inscribed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO.
Great architects like Bellarmato, Thibault, Lamandé, Perret, Niemeyer and soon Reichen & Robert and Nouvel, etc. all participated in the renewal of the city that becomes a heritage through the maritime and port activity.

Distance between Le Havre and Paris airports
There should be 2 hours 30 minutes to travel the 176 km between Le Havre and Beauvais airport. It is the closest airport. The airports of Orly and Charles de Gaulle, they are 210 km and 217 km respectively

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